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How to keep your store displays in good shape

How to keep your store displays in good shape

No matter what time of year it is, your store displays will always be vital in appealing to shoppers and letting them know what your shop has to offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s your display tables or your end caps, all of your showcases should be in tip-top shape everyday when your doors open and the first customers walk in. If they don’t look presentable, then how can you expect them to do their job and persuade people that your selection is what they should buy? Sometimes it may seem like your store displays are falling in disrepair, but they can always be fixed and brought back up to standards. Just a little bit of upkeep everyday is all it takes to make sure your displays represent your business in a way you’re proud of.

The equipment to get the job done
If you’re to be able to maintain your store displays, you need the proper tools to do the job. When your exhibits are exposed to the elements, people and the wear of time, there will come a day when you notice they don’t look as they once did. The best way to stay on top of these situations is to confront the problems early on so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s important to keep everything clean, working and properly set up for maximum viewing purposes. There are some tools to help you and your employees in this duty, but the key factor is your response time.

Keep the ground around your displays clean and clear with a heavy-duty vacuum that will be able to pick up everything despite what season it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter with dried salt crusting your carpets surface or during summer and sand was dragged in from someone’s flip flops after the beach, don’t let the appearance of your store be a detriment to your business.

If something happens to the items on display themselves, it’s a top priority to replace it or bring back to an appropriate state that will make people interested in buying the stock again. Use spot remover or lint rollers to ensure your selection is ready to go for shoppers’ viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to keep all your displays looking exactly the way you want them. Sometimes pieces will move around for any number of reasons, but keep a supply of pins and fasteners to guarantee your store displays are symbolizing your store properly.

A display is only as good as its message
If your store displays are to be successful, they have to convey the message you want in the right way. Showcases won’t mean anything if customers don’t know prices, locations or information on the products. Price tags and labels are a convenient way to express sales, groupings and many other useful tidbits of knowledge that your shoppers will be grateful for. Posters set up around your displays can further intertwine the theme of your building with individual exhibits too.

Your store displays are a direct representation of your store and you, so make sure they’re something you can take pride in.