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How to Keep Your Customers Comfortable as They Shop 

How to Keep Your Customers Comfortable as They Shop 


When a customer walks into your store, the last thing you want is for them to turn around and leave within minutes. Creating a space that feels comfortable for your guests is just as important as stocking trendy merchandise and finding ways to sell your product. If you’re interested in learning more about helping your customers feel happy, satisfied and relaxed while they browse through your boutique, keep reading:

1. Make it easy to navigate your store

According to a recent survey by Service Channel, 70% of 1,521 survey consumers said they had a negative experience in a store that wasn’t well-kept and put together. More than two-thirds of the surveyed individuals said they left a store because it was disorganized.

By keeping your store together, you not only make it easier for shoppers to navigate the space, but you also make it more comfortable and could potentially increase the amount of time consumers spend there. This, in turn, can increase sales.


2. Sell without being overly salesy

Customers enjoy being well-informed when they enter your store, but the last thing they want is for one of your employees to follow them around with a sales pitch. Boutiques are meant for leisurely browsing, so make sure your sales team understands the difference between being salesy and finding ways to sell items appropriately.

3. Always be open to suggestions

Whether you have customers who have browsed your store for years or you have some new, friendly faces coming in and out on a regular basis, they may have suggestions for your store. Consider creating a suggestion box or asking customers about their experience in the boutique during checkout.

4. Be transparent

Transparency falls in line with taking customer feedback. Listening to said suggestions and acting upon them can garner transparency, which also fosters trust and satisfaction with the business. Total clarity with your customers when something goes wrong or a detail is left unsaid can help you grow customer relationships and can ultimately lead to the overall success of your company.

5. Give them a social media sneak peek

Today, shoppers have the luxury of picking up a smartphone and checking out your company’s social media pages. You can take advantage of advertising merchandise and upcoming sales here, but it also poses an optimal opportunity to put your store on display before customers even set foot inside. Consider Instagram stories, or the photo feature on any other social media platform to take pictures and videos of the inside of your store for customers. Think of it as a sneak-peek tour of sorts. This can help customers feel more comfortable when they can, in fact, physically step inside your boutique and start browsing through your items.

6. Give your store a makeover

Have you noticed fewer people coming in and out of your boutique, even when you have great merchandise, awesome sales and excellent customer service representatives? Maybe it’s less about what you have to offer and more about the actual foundation of your store. If it’s been a while since your boutique had a facelift, now’s a great time to consider a makeover. From fun visual displays and retail packaging options to new mannequins and clothing racks, there are so many different ways to switch things up in your store and create a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your customers.