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How to keep a dump basket looking organized

How to keep a dump basket looking organized

Store displays can only make a powerful statement if they are kept neat and tidy for shoppers to see. The same can be said for many other areas of your store such as store racks, display tables and even your counters near the register. Unless you’re running an antique store, many customers won’t want to have to go sifting through products just to find what they’re looking for or strain to see the overall theme of a display.

Your dump bins, baskets and tables may require extra attention depending on what you showcase in them. These store fixtures are meant to be rummaged through, but it’s important you keep a vigilant eye to maintain order so as many shoppers as possible find the items they want.

Cleanliness through manual labor or ingenuity?
One of the most obvious methods for keeping your dump baskets organized is designating an employee to continuously check up on the area throughout the day, cleaning up when things get messy. Only your staff will know exactly where every product goes, so they’ll have the knowledge needed to recreate the original setup.

For the larger dump bins, you can fashion cardboard dividers out of the boxes found around your store to help keep products separated. However, if the color of cardboard is too unappealing, you can use some of your wholesale wrapping paper to cover it up. Using a variety of patterns and colors, you can transform these dividers into components of your summer theme too.

As long as there’s some organization to your dump baskets, customers won’t mind sifting through these smaller products.

Let the baskets do the work for you
If you don’t feel like maintaining dump bins all the time, you can use fixtures that have a degree of separation built in, such as multi-tiered baskets. These fixtures make it easy to keep certain items together by eliminating the possibility of products tumbling over to where they don’t belong.

The baskets all have the option to be arranged differently if you’re showcasing larger inventory and need more space.

While it’s still possible for shoppers to mistakenly place an item in the wrong section, the effect will be much more organized than a large bin. Your employees can occasionally check on it, returning misplaced items to their intended displays.