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How to increase retail sales at the end of spring

How to increase retail sales at the end of spring


The beginning of spring is an exciting time for retailers and shoppers alike, full of happy anticipation for the season ahead. After the cold months of winter, everyone is ready to add some more color to their outfits and celebrate the arrival of warm sunshine in style. These trends will probably continue on into the summer, but perhaps not with the same intensity as at the beginning of spring. Even if this happens, there are tactics you can use to ensure that you end Q2 on a high note.

Visual design trends for the seasonal transition
When it comes to increasing your sales, you need to look at what worked in the past and find ways to replicate, without seeming repetitive. It’s actually an easy tactic to get the hang of, especially when you can implement variations on the same theme. For example, we know that the winter-to-spring seasonal shift brings in more customers. Now, all you have to do is bring that same energy to the spring-to-summer transition.

Retail Design Blog reported on minimalist designs that can attract shoppers without breaking your budget. Many of the trends used colorful mannequins with everyday, seasonally inspired items. Try to imagine what aspects of summer your customers look forward to the most and use related items in your window displays. Are most of your shoppers sports fans? Or do they prefer to hang out by the pool? Use your defined target audience to help you in this decision.

Shoppers like to see new things every time they come into your shop, and while you can’t constantly update your layout, you might consider adding a few special touches. When the new season comes around, you could change your form covers or pick out a new graphic transfer. They’re small, affordable changes that can make big impact on shoppers’ impressions of your shop.

Fun Promotional Ideas
A great new visual display is only as effective as your promotional material. One of the best retail sales tips is to plan your marketing strategy around your new changes. You probably already do this when you get a hot new item in stock or you swap out last season’s clothes for the latest trends. Consider the same strategy when you make any changes to your window displays or layout. Your loyal customers will love stopping by to see what’s new.

If you’re wondering how to increase retail sales, the answer you’re looking for lies in a good marketing strategy. Once you have the right merchandise, create an enticing promotion such as early-bird specials, coupons or social media contests. Shopify reported that promotional pricing is one of the biggest drawers of foot traffic. It may seem simple, but it works!

If you’re planning a major layout change to spice up your end-of-quarter sales, give our team of experts a call. We’ll help you decide what changes to implement and how best to use your floor space.