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How to host fall clearance sales

How to host fall clearance sales

Refresh your inventory this autumn with a fall clearance sale. Before the holiday shopping rush begins, store owners may want to host events that help sell merchandise from earlier seasons. Here are a few ideas to optimize sales before restocking for the holidays:

Utilize bulk storage options
When clearing out inventory from previous seasons, you may find yourself with an amount of merchandise that exceeds the space you typically assign to regular sale items. Although retailers usually want to focus on the unique qualities of their products, items at clearance price offer savings attractive enough that customers will investigate on their own without further incentive. As a result, store owners are able to use space more sparingly.

To maximize room and make the greatest number of clearance products visible, utilize mass storage units and high-efficiency display fixtures throughout your shop. When presenting clothing, for instance, you may want to select round apparel racks, which can fit a significant number of articles on hangers per fixture, rather than highlighting a few select pieces. Taller shelving units can also capitalize on wall space, and high-volume dump tables and containers are perfect for containing multiple items in a compact, single unit. For an artistic twist on mass storage, consider designer items like burlap-lined display baskets.

Clearly mark sale items
Hosting a clearance sale requires time and organization, and you want to maintain this same sense of order, particularly when an increased number of customers are entering your store to check out sales. Plan accordingly for large crowds with guiding barriers near the checkout counter. These can help establish a clear queue and let customers who have found purchases know exactly where to go to complete their sales.

Similarly, patrons will want the ease and convenience of knowing exact costs before getting to the register. If your store is particularly large, consider installing a fixture like a price check machine. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to provide customer clarity, however. By simply implementing temporary posters, banners, flags and signs, you can direct patrons toward the proper area of your store to find items at specific discounts or prices, or indicate product location by purpose. A tagging gun is another store essential that allows you to quickly marking prices down, particularly assisting with efficiency when you find yourself handing a large amount of inventory.