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How to host a successful summer bash in your store

How to host a successful summer bash in your store

Summer is coming up soon, and that means kids will be out of school and everyone will be ready to celebrate the sunny skies and long days. You can capitalize on this seasonal fervor by hosting a "Summer Bash" in your store. In-store parties are a fantastic way to say thanks to your community while also boosting sales, so here are a few tips if you plan on hosting one in the next few weeks:

Get the word out
What good is a party if no one shows up? The first step to hosting a swinging summer get-together is to send out the invites. You can do this very simply if you are connected to social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Dress up a few or your adult and child mannequins in your best summer apparel, then send out a message reading, "Our mannequins are gearing up for our Summer Party!" Don't forget to include specific dates and times so customers know when to show up.

Give your store a makeover
You can expect a lot of foot traffic on the day of your party, so be sure to prepare well in advance by giving your store a makeover. Replace your old store fixtures with new hangers, wall racks and jewelry displays. Rearrange your display tables and cases to make plenty of room for a large group, and don't forget to put your top-selling summer products in plain sight!

Refreshments are essential
Without refreshments, your store party may as well be just another day. How much you want to serve is up to you, but starting out with a few summer beverages like punch or iced tea is a good start. If you sell home goods, why not demonstrate the power of your barbecue products by offering up hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken to your guests? You can also tell customers that if they bring something to contribute, like some delicious baked goods, they'll get a certain percentage off on your wares.

The bottom line: Promotions
Even with effective marketing, brand new store fixtures and delicious fare, you won't pull in many shoppers without some awesome promotions. Customers will be coming to your party expecting discounts and sales, so make sure you make them obvious. Use store signs to point customers in the right direction, and don't forget to make an eye-catching window display to draw in passersby.