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How to hold a clearance sale without cluttering your store

How to hold a clearance sale without cluttering your store


Alas, summer is almost gone, and with it the fun, colorful warm-weather apparel. Say goodbye to swimwear and hello to windbreakers and scarves. But before you do, learn how to have a summer clearance sale that won’t clutter your store.

Decide which items need to go

The first step is to identify which items are going away for the coming season. As autumn approaches, you’ll likely store away the T-shirts and shorts in favor of sweaters and leggings. Before you put anything on a clearance sale, make sure you have a current-season item to replace it with – or you could end up with empty shelves.

Determine which merchandise to save for next year

Time to say goodbye to summer apparel.

Not every out-of-season piece of merchandise needs to go on sale. If you can confidently say an item will be in demand next year, store it away. If you sell men’s clothing, for instance, there’s a good chance those solid-print T’s are going to sell again next spring. But a shirt featuring this year’s most popular movie character may not have the same appeal in future months.

Designate a small portion of your store

If you have a small retail space, you cannot afford to fill it with low-return merchandise. The Houston Chronicle suggested deeply discounting these items to move them out as quickly as possible.

Set aside one corner of your store for clearance items – preferably near the entrance where everyone will see them. Retailers with a smaller space may want to consider having only a single rack of clearance items.

Use eye-catching signs

One of the best ways to advertise your summer clearance sale is use bright, red signage. These signs send a clear message to shoppers that great deals are waiting for them. In addition to clearly labeling this section of your store, add a red clearance tag to each piece of merchandise on sale.

Advertise on social media

Spread the word to your loyal followers! Amsterdam Printing suggested running a Facebook ad campaign to highlight your clearance sale. These ads are highly targeted, so you can be sure you’re reaching shoppers who live near your brick-and-mortar store. The same goes for Instagram ads as well as other pay-per-click options such as Google AdWords.

Don’t let items get dusty

Shoppers want to get a great deal. You might hear a customer remark something along the lines of “Wow, I can’t believe this amazing silk dress is 75 percent off!” But it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear someone say, “Hey look at this dusty leather jacket – I just need 45 bucks and a wet cloth – then I’ll look pretty cool!”

Give these items the same care you would any piece of merchandise, or your clearance sale may end up looking more like a charity event.

Know when to quit

If you’ve sold everything except one pesky item that no one seems to want, consider it a victory. There’s no need to take up valuable shelf space with unwanted items. Return these to the manufacturer, if possible, or donate them to people in need.

Retail design is harder than it looks. A mismanaged clearance area can put off new shoppers. To learn how to best arrange your store, call our design experts today. We’ll help you determine the best ways to display your merchandise.