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How to help customers choose jewelry for a loved one

How to help customers choose jewelry for a loved one


A jewelry sales associate’s job is rarely easy. When a customer approaches the jewelry showcase, it marks the beginning of a discussion that could lead to a sale. Shoppers might need more information about pieces and they may be looking to buy something for a loved one or friend. These tips will help sales reps guide shoppers along their buying journey.

Consider the buyer’s relationship to the wearer

One of the first questions the sales associate should ask the buyer is to describe their relationship with the piece’s intended wearer. Heart-shaped jewelry is great for a romantic gift, but may not be appropriate for someone else.

As the associate learns more about the buyer’s intentions, he or she should ask follow-up questions to understand about the shopper’s price range, the occasion for which they are giving the gift and the type of jewelry they are most interested in browsing.

Assess skin tone for metal and jewel types

Some types of jewels and metals look better with certain skin tones. For example, rose gold may blend in with a cool skin tone, causing the piece to look dull or lost. According to StyleCaster, there are three basic types of skin tones:

  • Cool: Veins appear blue beneath the skin and eyes are likely brown or blue. Looks well with blue, red and purple gemstones and white metals.
  • Warm: Veins appear green beneath the skin. Eyes may be hazel or green. Skin may be espresso colored. Looks great with green, yellow and orange stones and yellow metals.
  • Neutral: No obvious hue in skin. Looks good with any metal or gem.

In addition to skin tone, the sales associate should consider the wearer’s face shape for earrings and necklaces. Round faces work well with long earrings, square faces with hoop earrings and heart-shaped faces with dangling earrings.

Look at the wearer’s fashion style

To ensure that the purchase matches the wearer’s style, the sales associate should ask questions about what type of clothing he or she wears. If the shopper wants to buy jewelry that their friend or loved one can wear in a casual environment, it’s best to avoid large gemstones that are better suited to formal environments.

To get a better idea of what pieces are ideal, ask the shopper to show pictures of their friend or partner. An Instagram account can provide a wealth of information about the wearer’s style. Look for shots that include other pieces of jewelry to get a sense of what kinds of pieces they prefer to wear.

If the shopper is buying the jewelry for a specific occasion such as a formal event, let that guide the decision making process. Following the latest jewelry trends will help the sales rep determine which pieces are most appropriate.

Consider displaying formal pieces against a brushed charcoal bust and casual pieces against a burlap bust to give shoppers a better sense of how these pieces will look out in the world.

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