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How to handle rude holiday shoppers

How to handle rude holiday shoppers

If you've been in the retail business for a while, then you've probably encountered your fair share of grumpy shoppers. Even if you've done everything in your power to make your store a perfect holiday shopping spot, you'll likely run into more than one or two grinches this year. But don't worry – with a few clever tricks and a good attitude, you can help them go through their own Scrooge transformation.

When you meet one of these shoppers, you must keep your wits about you and try not to let his or her frustration affect you. Instead, try to figure out exactly what is causing him or her to be upset. Maybe he or she hasn't been able to find the right gift, or is simply exhausted from doing so much holiday buying. Once you determine the cause, you can help manage the stress.

If it seems that the person has been looking for an item he or she simply can't find and you know you carry it in your store, then all you need to do is quickly lead him or her to the display case or store fixture where it's held. If you don't carry it, then the best you can do is suggest a similar item, or a more appropriate retail location.

If it seems that he or she is simply worn out from all the shopping, then suggest he or she take a load off while you use your customer service expertise to find the right gift. Ask for a description of the type of gift they're looking for, and bring them a few options to choose from. It may take up a bit more of your time than usual, but it will be worth it if you manage to make a sale with a holiday grump and turn that mood around.