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How to go green when nature is turning red and gold

How to go green when nature is turning red and gold

The weather is changing and the world is turning colors, which means many shoppers are on the hunt for new, warm outfits and accessories. It's also the perfect time to celebrate nature and encourage eco-friendly activities.

Create an in-store event

Events that celebrate nature do not need to be reserved for the springtime. This autumn, you can host a fun in-store event that encourages your shoppers to think about the ways they interact with the natural world around them.

Because autumn weather can be more unpredictable than other times of the year, it's best to plan for an indoor event, just in case. You can always move things outside if the weather is particularly nice. To fully take advantage of the event, place seasonal merchandise near the front of the store and consider offering a discount to anyone who participates in your eco-friendly experiences. Don't forget to display these items with our eco-friendly forms, mannequins and hangers.

Though nature may be turning red and gold for the season, there's still plenty to celebrate. You can decorate your store with hardy yet beautiful autumn plants such as chrysanthemums, bromeliads and sweet-smelling lemon cypress.

Encourage online participation

Extend your environmental celebration to the web to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate. Use social media to support your ecommerce website and engage customers wherever they happen to be.

To encourage participation and drive sales, consider donating a portion of the day's profits to an environmental group or charity. Likewise, you can engage online shoppers by offering reduced shipping costs and other discounts.

Just as you would decorate your store for a new event, you should change up the look of your website as well. Adding an autumn-themed banner and other imagery will create a sense of visual difference, immediately letting visitors know that something is new. Keep your autumnal branding consistent among all digital and physical channels.

Partner with another local business

Efforts to help the environment are only effective when many people participate. We all share the same planet, after all. For this reason, you should consider partnering with another business. Doing so will give both brands twice the reach.

For example, your store could team up with a local coffee shop to supply your event guests with a warm cup of joe as they browse your store. Pick a partner brand that has the same values that your store exhibits.

Celebrating nature doesn't have to be limited to one time of year. If your brand promotes eco-friendliness, there's no reason you can't spread awareness of environmental issues during every season.

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