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How to give your ecommerce site an Earth-friendly appeal year-round

How to give your ecommerce site an Earth-friendly appeal year-round

Environmental friendliness is a brand value that encourages shoppers to think beyond themselves when they make a purchase. Customers who feel strongly about environmental causes may be more loyal to brands that share their feelings.

Build eco-friendliness into your brand story

To build brand loyalty, your ecommerce site needs to demonstrate values that parallel those of your target audience. In other words, you need to walk the walk, not only talk the talk. This is especially true for reaching a targeted millennial audience. As THINX Growth Marketing Director, Lu Chen, wrote in Forbes magazine, millennials want to see social proof of your brand's proposition.

If your company claims to be environmentally friendly, it must regularly reaffirm that sentiment through concrete action. Look for ways to bring eco-consciousness into your broader brand story. Then, find a way to share those actions with your customer audience. For example, if your employees volunteer to clean up a local highway, use that experience to generate additional content for your site. Sharing pictures and stories from the event can engage your audience and build brand loyalty.

Use the right colors

Every element on your ecommerce site sends visitors a message. If your imagery is light and happy, it will promote positivity. The colors you use online can subtly reinforce your broader appeal. Taking cues from nature is a good way to build out an eco-friendly color palette. Leafy greens, soft sky blue and warm earth tones are a few choices to consider.

Use environmentally friendly display products

One of the best ways to promote environmental responsibility is to take action to reduce your brand's footprint. Using eco-friendly display products is an easy way to contribute to a responsible mode of life. For example, our eco-friendly gift bags and tissue paper are made in the USA from 100 percent recycled paper. Likewise, we offer bamboo and indestructible clothing hangers that lend a premium aesthetic while remaining an environmentally conscious choice.

The importance of great product imagery cannot be understated when it comes to the ecommerce arena. With hundreds of brands competing for the same space, your images need to stand out, not only for their quality, but for their message. By using environmental awareness as a lens for your public image, customers will begin to see how their values align with yours.

Encourage customer participation

When customers feel engaged with your brand, they'll be more willing to share your story with their networks. Providing opportunities for participation generates buzz for your ecommerce site and attracts new clientele.

You can encourage community involvement by holding contests, starting a branded hashtag or leveraging live content via social media platforms. For instance, if your brand holds an Earth Day promotion, you could encourage shoppers to share images of themselves performing some kind of environmental service.

For more inspiration, check out our selection of eco-friendly products.