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How to get customers excited for Thanksgiving in your store

How to get customers excited for Thanksgiving in your store

Every year, it seems as though Christmas advertisements and sales appear a little bit early. Often, from a retail perspective, Thanksgiving is overlooked in favor of the holiday coming on December 25. But many people adore Thanksgiving just as much or more than Christmas, which is why retailers shouldn’t skip over the day synonymous with turkey, family and thanks. Here are some tips on how to get your customers excited for Gobble, Gobble Day.

For clothing retailers
Shops that sell attire can capitalize on Thanksgiving by purchasing mannequins for sale and dressing them up in some of the most beloved late-fall gear. This is the time of sweaters, jeans and light jackets. Leave the big clunky boots and thick winter coats in the back room for a bit, and show your customers that you have what they need to enjoy a nice, brisk autumn walk in style. Remember that colors are an essential part of this time of year. Red, yellow, brown and orange are the best hues for this holiday, so try and find clothing items that boast these tones to put on your wall racks and gondola shelving.

For food retailers
Gourmet food retailers may be the best equipped to make big sales with a Thanksgiving theme. After all, food is the central part of this holiday, and you can take advantage of that by whetting shoppers’ appetites. Group foods together so that shoppers will easily be able to imagine using them to make a delicious dish. And don’t forget about utensils like serving platters, fine china and turkey basters.

For jewelry retailers
Thanksgiving may not seem like the most sparkly of holidays, but remember that some shoppers will be visiting with friends and family whom they haven’t seen in a while, and will want to look their best. Topaz and Citrine are the two birthstones of November, and both feature stunning, deep hues that are appropriate for the season. If you carry items with these stones, be sure to showcase them prominently in jewelry display cases near the register.

Tips for all retailers
If you are planning on employing a Thanksgiving theme, don’t worry about subtlety. This is a motif that shoppers won’t be expecting, so go all out and make sure they know that you’ve got this holiday in mind. Store signs and big, boastful displays can make it clear that Thanksgiving is happening inside your shop, so don’t be afraid to be bold.