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How to further your brand with your store displays

How to further your brand with your store displays

Small business owners may have trouble establishing themselves as a brand when they are busy managing the finances, products and quality of their store. But whether you are a hardware shop or a vintage jewelry boutique, branding is the key to success. For shop owners who are strapped for cash, time or resources, one of the best ways to further a brand is through the store’s display fixtures, tables and other visuals.

While the products on the store racks and hangers are the most important part of the shop, the actual fixtures can make a huge difference, too. For instance, if a shop is selling vintage goods or has a French theme, clothing racks with elegant touches like a fleur-de-lis or other decoration could make all the difference to shoppers.

It is also important to understand how shoppers navigate the store. The front area, called the “decompression zone,” is what every customer must pass through, but typically few purchases are made there. Instead of focusing heavily on sales here, use the space to set the tone for your shop, whether that means an industrial feel, something sporty or a warm and homey atmosphere. This is also the ideal spot to display your typical merchandise that is likely to draw customers in.