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How to dress a mannequin

How to dress a mannequin

So you have ordered your mannequins, they've come in and you're ready to set up some compelling window displays. However, before you can start drawing in customers, you have to know how to dress the mannequins!

They may seem like oversized dolls that you can dress in a similar fashion, and in some cases, they are. The dressing technique you use for your mannequins depends on which type you have. Most mannequins for sale are fiberglass or plastic and have detachable legs, torso and arms. To begin, detach the legs (usually it is just one leg) from the torso of the mannequin and add all necessary undergarments, such as socks, panties or tights. Pull pants or shorts through each leg, then re-attach the legs to the torso.

Follow the same process for putting on a shirt. If it is a pullover, feed each arm through the shirt, then hold them in place as you place the garment over the torso and secure the arms back on, then secure the torso to the legs. If the torso is already attached to the legs, you can change the shirt or sweater by removing just the arms. Of course, if you are only featuring pants, you can simply use pant forms, which can be easier to dress.

A child mannequin usually only has removable arms, because it is smaller and easier to dress. For these, you can simply slide the pants or skirt on and follow the same technique for shirts that you used for the adult mannequins.

Remember to always iron or steam press all garments before putting them on a mannequin. Any tags that are visible should be removed and replaced in an inconspicuous place. The finishing touches are accessories, shoes and other styling details. Check the mannequin out from all angles to ensure there are no tags sticking out or other style faux pas.