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How to dress a dressing room

How to dress a dressing room

Any clothing store or boutique knows the value of a dressing room – the opportunity for a shopper to try an article of clothing on may be the dealbreaker when it comes to whether they end up buying it. The dressing room may or may not be where your shoppers spend the majority of time when they are in your store, but creating a comfortable, homey experience in this space is a great opportunity to impress your customers and make them feel right at home. But what is the best way to dress a dressing room?

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Of course, mirrors are a non-negotiable when it comes to dressing rooms. Make sure your mirrors are large, well-lit and well-placed. If you have the space, it's a good idea to have two mirrors in each dressing room, so the customer can see how a piece looks from the front and the back. Having a multi-angle outside the individual stalls will allow the shopper to show off their items to friends and family.

Hang it up

Have you ever been in a dressing room with no hooks or bars to hang the merchandise on? You try to hang it on the door, but it falls down, and you're probably more inclined to leave the store entirely than try to wrestle with hangers in the dressing room so you can try on another shirt. Don't put your customers in this position. Whether you use hooks or bars, make sure there are plenty of places customers can hang the merchandise they are trying on and their own clothes.


Dressing rooms are also a place to add charming decorative details. Maybe you choose iron hooks with an elegant fleur de lis shape, or add luxurious velvet curtains to give each stall drama. Paint dressing rooms a warm color like light yellow. It makes customers feel more comfortable and more like home than a sterile white or gray.

Dressing rooms are also your chance to add personal touches. Maybe your store has been in the family for generations – frame old family photos or photos of the shop and hang them in the dressing rooms, or hang paintings that relate to the theme of the store.

Staff it

Perhaps most importantly, staff your dressing rooms with personnel who are willing to help. Not every customer likes having one-on-one attention or fashion consultations from staff, but many do. Staff in the dressing rooms should be friendly and knowledgeable about what makes a garment look good and fit well.