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How to display your store’s best beach merchandise

How to display your store’s best beach merchandise

Any retailer located near the shore – whether it’s a sandy ocean beach or a rocky lake shoreline – knows that consumers love beach- or nautical-themed merchandise. After all, nothing says summer quite like a gorgeous anchor pendant or bright, oversized towel.

It’s in your best interest to capitalize on America’s love of the shore, so make sure your store’s best beach merch is displayed prominently. An awesome arrangement will lead your customers to “oh” and “ah” over your creativity, get them excited for the warm weather and ultimately encourage them to make a purchase. Here are some tips for displaying summer SKUs.

Totes and towels
Two common purchases for beach-goers are big tote bags and even bigger towels. With these two essential items, summer warriors can haul everything they need for a long day lounging at the shore and get ready to claim their territory on the sand. Vogue magazine noted that bohemian patterns, gingham and large florals are the most popular prints this season, so capitalize on these trends when picking out summer merchandise.

Because totes and towels go together like lobster and butter, you may want to consider displaying them together in one location. How can you create a dynamic display with these products? For one, you can roll up the towels and stash them inside the tote bags with a cute corner peeking out.

“Drape towels over the rungs of a ladder for a rustic vibe.”

If your store has a rustic vibe, another fun option is to lean an old, distressed ladder against one wall and drape your brightest towels on the rungs. Make sure you take the appropriate steps to secure the ladder though, otherwise the whole display could come toppling over. As for your totes, they’ll look fabulous hanging on a few rustic display hooks next to your ladder arrangement.

You’ll want to draw customers’ eyes to the area, so don’t forget to drape a towel over the shoulder of your favorite mannequin and hang a bag in the crook of her arm.

Bikinis and other stringy swimwear can be tricky to display, as it’s tough to really show off the merchandise with regular hangers. The best way to capture your customers’ attention is with hangers specially designed for the task. Invest in some bikini hangers, which make for fun, visually appealing displays.

Want your customers to be instantly drawn to the swimwear section? A few brightly colored display pieces will likely do the trick. See if you can find a cheap surfboard and brightly colored beach ball to anchor your arrangement. Other summer accents could include buoys, nautical ropes or boat wheels. Put these items together for a bold display that will catch people’s eye as soon as they enter the store.

Burlap and linen displays exude a beachy vibe.

Nautical jewelry
Every beach outfit needs to be accessorized, whether it’s with a nautical necklace, bold layered bracelets or some starfish earrings. You can call attention to your store’s selection of nautical accessorizes with beachy jewelry displays.

If your store has a rustic, low-key vibe, burlap jewelry displays would be the perfect complement for your summer merchandise. The textured surface will draw consumers in while highlighting your anchor or boat pendants.

Retailers who have a more classic vibe can opt for linen jewelry displays, which are the perfect combination of chic and sophisticated. The creamy fabric will perfectly set off any bright and exotic summer pieces that you have for sale. Make sure to display statement necklaces and bracelets next to complementary outfits to increase the chance of an upsell.