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How to display winter wear

How to display winter wear

Winter apparel retailers, your time has come. As temperatures drop, winds blow and snow begins to fall, warmer wear will be flying off the racks. Design your shop layout and store displays to maximize appeal and efficiency with some of these simple decorating tips:

Customize mannequins
When it comes to displaying winter wear, not all layouts are created equal. In selecting mannequins, think about what item you want to accentuate and how best to do so. Winter shoppers will most likely be looking to compare coats quickly, so give them an easy comparison by utilizing standing mannequins. This pose accentuates varying jacket length and coverage, and is a simple posture to accent with hats, gloves and boots. For a more direct approach, select torso-only mannequins or hanging alternatives that can really maximize wall space. Don’t forget to include a few child mannequins as well to draw attention to kids’ wear.

Reinforce materials
Winter clothing is more durable and typically heftier than apparel tailored to warmer times of the year, so you’re going to need display racks and hangers that are up to the challenge. Look for items in sturdy materials, like wooden hangers, which can handle the heavier apparel and still present a fashionable appearance. For a truly cohesive design, you can match wooden hangers to the materials in other store fixtures, selecting from a range of options such as natural, walnut and bamboo.

Highlight fashion pieces
Although function may be most people’s top priority in picking out winter wear, a fashion-forward appeal will also be important in making sales. Highlight specific items with specialized display fixtures. For example, a stylish pair of gloves can be displayed using graceful hand models, or hats can be accentuated on standing head forms. Accessorize by placing more luxurious winter wear next to matching jewelry or shoe displays.

Put pieces together
With so many hats, jackets, gloves and scarves to choose from, customers will be happy to see suggestions for top-notch outfits. Set up mannequins to showcase more than a single item – this is especially effective on standing mannequins – or place related items on display tables that are located near one another. Remember to take advantage of an item’s shape in exhibiting it. While gloves and mittens may be perfect when placed on a flat surface, longer pieces like scarves should be displayed from a hanging rack to accentuate their shape.