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How to display this season’s hottest outerwear accessories

How to display this season’s hottest outerwear accessories

As the temperatures continue dropping, shoppers will be out and about to buy warm accessories. With people browsing everywhere for gloves, hats and scarves, it’s key that these seasonal items dominate your display fixtures.

When you’re creating displays for your outerwear selection, consider the most attractive combinations. Try mixing patterns that have similar color schemes for a busy look, or mix and match solids with prints. A display with only solid colors won’t be as visually engaging or dynamic as one that incorporates more variety that will appeal to a greater range of customers.

Check out some of this season’s hottest outerwear accessory styles and consider how you should display them for a profitable fourth quarter.

Last year, there was a huge market for gloves that allowed wearers to still use their smartphones. This trend isn’t going anywhere, considering how much time people spend on their phones. You can expect shoppers to be looking for these types of gloves, which use different materials that conduct heat so touch screens can sense fingers.

In the same vein, people are interested in fingerless gloves. These also make it easy to text, tweet and more while on the go in the winter, because the warm fingertips are exposed.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, mittens are sure to remain popular. Although they make almost everything you need to do with your hands impossible, they’re often warmer than gloves, which is desirable in the depths of winter.

If you saw the fashion shows in January and February, you may have noticed a trend with long gloves. Designers such as Vera Wang, Christian Dior and Fendi debuted elbow-length gloves that looked stylish and warm.

Some hats will never go out of style – especially beanies for the wintertime. Whether you go with fleece, knitted or crocheted beanies, people will buy them up. Various patterns and colors can fluctuate from year to year, but hats are timeless accessories  that are both functional and attractive. Beanies are easy to fold up and put in a bag when people go inside and cover their ears to keep warmth in. They look good with several hairstyles and have the capacity to mask even the worst bedhead.

This year in particular, beanies with pom poms are popular, so they should definitely be on display. Styro Head Forms are a great way to flaunt the merchandise that’s trending to boost visibility – and hopefully sales will go up as a result.

This is another big year for infinity scarves, and who could complain? They come in all types of fabric, lengths and thicknesses, so there’s a style for everyone. Whether you stock lightweight infinities as accessories to outfits for people to wear inside or wool versions for outerwear, shoppers will be excited to check out your selection. Use Abstract Head Forms to display the lovely scarves you have for sale so people won’t miss the great deals.

As far as other trends go, take a look at the Fall/Winter collections from fashion shows that took place in the spring. There were plenty of fur scarves draped around models and a wide variety of knitted scarves by big designer brands. Scarves of different lengths, knitting patterns and widths were spotted on the runway, so there’s no limit to the styles that are big this year.

One way to organize your scarf inventory is by thickness or warmth. From light scarves that wouldn’t provide much protection if worn outside to the fluffiest material you sell, arranging them as such will help customers find what they’re looking for easier.