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How to display the hottest scarves of fall

How to display the hottest scarves of fall

They come in prints and solids, can be made of light, airy silk or thick wools in bold colors or neutral tones. They are scarves, and more than likely, they will be a hot item at clothing stores and fashion boutiques this fall. There are a number of ways to display scarves, so take your pick of what works best for your shop.

One way to display this season's scarves is to use store fixtures like wall racks and gridwall. You can loop similar scarves through themselves on one wall rack to showcase your selection, arranging them by color, pattern or material. Another unique way to show off your scarves on the wall is to hang a wire or string and clip individual scarves to it, recalling a clothesline, but more elegant.

Take advantage of baskets, bowls or other containers to display scarves, too. Scarves have a tendency to get tangled, so tossing them at random into a basket isn't usually the most attractive way to display them – it evokes more of a discount bin feel than anything else.

Instead, roll them into little knots before placing them in the basket, or fold them into rolls and tie them with attractive wholesale ribbon or string.