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How to display the hottest fall footwear

How to display the hottest fall footwear

Everyone needs new shoes for fall, whether it's sneakers for the kids hitting the playground or a new pair of boots for the fashionista of the family. Every season's shoes are different, which means fall shoes require new display themes.

This fall, most stores are showcasing their selection of brogues, flats and boots. Depending on the size and type of shoe you are showing off, you might need new display fixtures for the job. Consider featuring just one type of shoe in your display windows and create the rest of the theme around that. For instance, brogues are a semi-new addition to many women's closets, so a display showing the number of different places these classic low-heeled shoes can be worn would be helpful to many shoppers. Place the featured shoe or style on an elegant shoe stand to show it off. 

Meanwhile, you might want to set up a sale at the back of your store with all of your summer merchandise. A folding shoe rack is perfect for this job. Not only will this conveniently fold away once the sale is over, but it lends a warehouse feel to the area that will make your customers feel like they are getting an extra-good deal.