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How to display professional women’s clothing

How to display professional women’s clothing


Boutique owners who cater to professional women have a rare opportunity this year. With so much coverage of the current political race, TV viewers are constantly seeing powerful women in stylish, professional clothing. Retailers just need to tap into the inspiration and interest that comes from this election season. Offering affordable versions of popular professional looks could mean big business for retailers if they play their cards right.

When thinking about selling business clothes for women, a few questions probably come to mind. For example, should a retailer use the same marketing methods as they do when selling casual clothes? And what kind of store aesthetics lend themselves to the professional style? Read on to find out:

Designing a store for professional women’s clothing
When focusing on a specific demographic, such as business women, things can get a little tricky. There’s a fine line between appealing to the target audience’s sense of style and pandering to a stereotype. The Guardian noted that the marketing world – in some areas – is shifting to a more gender-neutral messaging. This benefits consumers and retailers alike. It empowers women by putting them on an equal footing with men, it is straightforward and sensible, marketing campaigns can be more cohesive and it is economically efficient.

So what does this mean for a boutique owner? For one, it means you can go subtle and still win consumers over. For instance, you can use all of the same styles of display units for business clothing for men and women. Our Hanson standards are perfect for creating a look that is clean, streamlined and ideal for letting the clothing speak for itself. If you sell business clothing for women and men, place male mannequins and female mannequins side-by-side to subtly promote equality. Think of your displays as targeting business people, not merely business men and business women. If your store focuses only on professional women’s clothing, use imagery that speaks to confidence and professional style.

Marketing your boutique to women in the business world
At the end of the day, your marketing techniques don’t need to be overly specific to women, but rather specific to the feeling of confidence and professionalism that comes when your target shopper tries on a new blazer or suit. Bec Brideson, the director of a marketing agency focused on women, writing for AdNews, pointed out two key mistakes that companies make when targeting business women. She noted that marketing to women isn’t about simply being female, nor is it about gender issues. Rather, marketing to business women should be about making a powerful connection regarding your target audience’s emotions.

Business clothing, for men and women, is about looking self-assured. Your window displays can reflect this by using simplicity and minimalist design to focus on the clothing itself. And even other display items like our gold mist shoe stands can augment these emotions. It’s all about making your shoppers feel a boost of confidence when they leave your boutique with a new professional outfit.