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How to display bridal shoes and accessories

How to display bridal shoes and accessories

When you're marketing for brides this wedding season, it's easy to focus on the elegant gowns, as they are in many ways the centerpiece of nuptial ceremonies. However, no bride would be complete without a few accents and accessories to make her stand out, so you must find a way to elegantly display such items as well.

When it comes to hair
Many brides spend hours getting their hair ready for their big day, and it's not uncommon for them to incorporate a sparkling tiara, hair clip or other jeweled item into their 'do. If you carry such items, make sure you prominently showcase them on jewelry displays. It may be best to place these setups near the veils you are offering, as women will be able to mix and match the items that look best with their gown.

Heels and flats
Though most wedding-goers will be focused on the brides' gown, the shoes she wears underneath are also important. Many women like to incorporate a pop of color, so be sure to include a few bright tones in your gondola shelves. In addition, brides who are getting married in the warm weather may opt for less casual footwear, such as sandals or even flip flops. It's not a bad idea to mix a few of these into your displays as well for the quirky gals who visit your store.

Something new
Brides are supposed to incorporate "something new" into their ensemble on their wedding day, which means you should find a few extra accessories that they can use to fulfill this requirement. Brooches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all fit into this category, so place a few of these in display cases or on jewelry displays.