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How to design window displays that focus on winter sports

How to design window displays that focus on winter sports

Although the weather outside may not be conducive to many sports, winter has its own set of activities that are geared toward fitness and competition. As you brainstorm ideas for upcoming window displays, look to this season’s sports and athletic ventures.

Acknowledge local teams
The middle schools and high schools in your area likely have a litany of sports and activities that they offer students during the winter. From cheerleading and wrestling to basketball and hockey, indoor athletics are a great way for kids to stay fit despite frigid temperatures. Consider displaying a selection of jerseys or uniforms on mannequins in the window, or even around the store. If you go this route, your design can incorporate the team colors into the backdrop. Alternatively, pay homage to the town’s athletics by arranging merchandise in the team colors. For example, two display fixtures – one of which has all white products while the other boasts only blue items.

Another way to dedicate your window display to local sports teams is by keeping track of their wins and losses on the glass. This shows that you’re involved with the community and informs passersby of the local athletics scene. Kids who belong to those teams will be instilled with a sense of pride as they see a small business acknowledge their hard work and brawn.

Go for the general sports angle
To give winter sports a more general or subtle shout out, display equipment for each activity without referencing schools or mascots. Lean a pair of skis and a snowboard up against the back wall with hockey sticks or line the window display with deep red basketballs. You could also use your products to design a display related to sports, like boxes stacked to read “Go Team,” like you may see in supermarkets this time of year. Similarly, create a shape that relates to winter display, like a giant football leading up to the Super Bowl.

Instead of targeting sports teams in your town, consider highlighting professional sports that people in your region care for. If there’s a particular player that everyone loves, research his or her personal preferences that relate to your merchandise, whether it’s an array of products in his favorite color or a display that includes items related to her ideal hobbies.