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How to design an effective and stylish shoe display

How to design an effective and stylish shoe display

People with a penchant for shoes are often searching for the perfect pair to complete their look. Make the footwear at your shop stand out by implementing one of these techniques for creating eye-catching store displays:

Try fixtures that appeal on multiple levels
Shoes might spend their walking life on the ground, but the same doesn’t have to be true of their location in your store displays. Look for features that function on a variety of levels and for varying volumes of product. A classic high-efficiency piece is a folding shoe rack, which easily displays a large number of shoes and maximizes space, allowing customers to browse on both sides of the fixture. In addition to the basics, select a number of lower-lying items like a three-tiered display table, which still allows shoppers to view shoes from a number of angles, but offers a bit more visual variety. You can also highlight new or discounted styles on single-item pieces, like double shoe rests, slanted risers or shoe stands.

Select a theme that utilizes interesting materials
If your shoe store sells specific models or functional footwear, you may consider designing the interior environment around that idea. For example, an athletic wear shop that features sports shoes or hiking boots might go for a natural appeal, utilizing wooden fixtures like a cedar display table or maple shelving. Likewise, a high-end retailer of dress shoes and heels may consider sleeker decor, like a standing glass case or boutique-style shoe stands with curlicue accents.

Add embellishments to garner extra attention
A touch of sparkle or color can draw just the right amount of visual appeal to specific styles or sections of your shop. Consider implementing C3 Collection color mannequins, which can fashionably model the footwear, or opt for sparkling decals to place on fixtures or wall space near the display like a glittering star detail.

Build on the basics
Be sure to stock your shop with the necessary basics for serving shoppers who come in looking for the right fit and style. Provide appropriate equipment for measuring patrons’ feet and both standing and floor mirrors, so they can view their complete looks from different angles. Benches and stools offer guests a place to sit while trying on footwear, and disposable socks are a necessity for ensuring a high level of sanitation.