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How to create patriotic store displays for Independence Day 2015

How to create patriotic store displays for Independence Day 2015

The summer’s biggest holiday is just around the corner – are you ready to show your brand’s patriotism throughout your shop?

As Independence Day swiftly approaches, retailers should be arranging store fixtures and displays to pay homage to the nationwide celebration. Check out these ideas for Fourth of July designs as you set the floor for the month.

“Create an American flag from red, white and blue merchandise.”

Traditional themes
Depending on what products your store carries, you can create an American flag from red, white and blue merchandise. Arrange white and red items in several horizontal stripes, then add a pocket of blue products in the top left corner. This is a classic way to showcase your store’s goods with an American-themed twist.

For an even easier display that involves Old Glory, you can create the backdrop of a window display with a large flag or several small flags for a red, white and blue collage. Once the stage is set, feel free to highlight any merchandise you’re pushing for July. With this quick and simple background, you aren’t limited to displaying red, white and blue products.

If you aren’t interested in using the American flag in your design, patriotic decorations may be the way to go. Hanging Paper Decorations are available in a handful of colors, styles and sizes so you can mix and match the holiday’s signature colors. Don’t forget about Custom Color products, which can be customized for any hue you desire.

Focus on domestic products
Consider bringing attention to locally made goods as an alternate way to show patriotism.

Fixtures and merchandise made in the U.S. are the perfect pair.

Major companies including Wal-Mart and General Electric have made commitments to buying and selling more domestic goods in the past few years. Do you know the benefits of buying products that are made in the U.S.?

First of all, domestic manufacturing creates jobs for Americans. Similarly, it stimulates the local economy in ways that keep money within American communities. Finally, shipping goods around the country creates less pollution than transporting products across the world. When it comes to the benefits for your business in particular, it goes without saying that a patriotic move like this can boost your brand image.

Create a store display composed of your most popular merchandise that happens to be made in the U.S. Make sure you use plenty of signage to explain why these items are on display to customers passing by. Armed with the information that you’re selling domestic products, shoppers may be more likely to make purchases.

In addition to promoting your U.S. merchandise, invest in domestically made store fixtures. From Custom Color 2-Way Clothing Racks to Diamond shaped deadlock tag fasteners, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate products that were assembled in the U.S. into your store displays.