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How to create a 4th of July display that shines

How to create a 4th of July display that shines

The 4th of July is one of the most stimulating holidays on the calendar. It has everything: delicious food, cold drinks, bright, shining fireworks, parades and fluttering banners. It’s a holiday of excitement and action that energizes patriotic Americans.

This year, bring some of that excitement into your retail store. Your customers will respond in kind, and you’ll likely see a boost in customer engagement.

Use colors for instant recognition

Color can be a powerful psychological motivator, and to Americans there are probably no more emotionally charged colors than red, white and blue.

When shoppers see those colors, they’re likely to be reminded of past 4th of July celebrations – moments of happiness with their families and friends.

To use color to your store’s advantage this year, consider draping your showroom and window displays in the colors of The Stars and Stripes. For a fun twist on these patriotic hues, try using our hanging paper displays throughout your shop. Not only do they provide a splash of color, but also vertical depth – a tactic that can keep customers engaged.

Where else can you use color to prompt purchasing decisions?

Hanging paper displays add vertical depth and color to your shop.

Look at your merchandise: Any items that are on sale for the 4th of July should be marked with a unique sign, preferably red in color. Small Business Trends reported that red can create a sense of urgency in shoppers. Red signs tell your customers, “This is a great deal, and it’s going away soon.”

Feature a promoted product in your window display

Your shop’s windows are one of its most important features, allowing potential shoppers to get a sense of your store before even stepping foot inside.

Ahead of any holiday, you should strive to create a window display that captures the unique emotions behind each event.

For your 4th of July display, that feeling should be one of energetic patriotism. In addition to using the colors of Old Glory, bring in some other common holiday themes such as backyard barbeques, bursting fireworks and summery outfits. For instance, you might bring a few mannequins to the front of your store to set the stage for hamburger grill out!

Don’t be afraid to get crafty with your displays. You could paint our cardboard letters in red, white and blue, for example. Or, create some “indoor fireworks” by wrapping colored paper around tubes and adding pointed tops to complete the affect. Get creative with your displays and customers will respond positively!

Use your childhood for inspiration

It’s safe to say that probably no one enjoys the 4th of July celebrations more than a child. The exploding rockets and music make a lasting impression of wonderment. Think back to your own childhood, when the colors seemed more vibrant, the sounds more impactful and the food more delicious.

Adding verticality to your store with paper hangers is just one way to recapture the feeling of looking up into the sky at bursting colors. To go further, fill your store with displays that remind shoppers of those not-so-forgotten days of wonder and excitement.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your store’s displays, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable retail display experts!