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How to choose the right hanger for the job

How to choose the right hanger for the job

Now that you are pulling out your sweaters, jackets and pants for the fall and winter seasons, the types of hangers you use are particularly important. While space and style are always considerations to be made, the topmost concern should be whether the hangers you use keep your merchandise in the best condition possible.

Sweaters. Whether you are selling merino wool, acrylic or cashmere sweaters, they will stretch or become misshapen if they are not hung on the appropriate hanger. These garments need more support than coats or pants because of the way they can stretch, so your best bet is hanging them on wooden hangers. A walnut or natural finish will look attractive with fall displays.

At the same time, it is important to consider the slippery quality of sweaters, which can sometimes be heavy. Their weight can cause them to slip off one side of the hanger and fall to the floor – not a good look for your store or your merchandise. Consider wire hangers with a non-slip coating to keep these cold-weather staples in place.

Pants. While jeans generally look best folded on a display table or gondola shelving, wool trousers and other pants need to be hung on hangers to look their best and stay in optimal condition. Hangers that clip the trousers at the waistband are good for more casual pants, but creased pants are better folded over a pant hanger.

Jackets. While jackets do not stretch and are unlikely to become hideously wrinkled, they do tend to be heavy, which means the hangers you put them on need to be up to the challenge. You might need to stow away your summery plastic hangers for a more substantial model made from wood or steel. High-quality wire hangers are nice and narrow, so you can hang multiple coats on one rack.