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How to cater your window displays to football fans

How to cater your window displays to football fans

Football season is in full swing. Fans are dedicating their weekends to play watching, rookies are gaining experience on the field and cheers are echoing through living rooms and bars around the country.

To tap into this profitable seasonal craze, tailor your window displays to your customers and future shoppers who love football as much as your merchandise.

Regional loyalty
If there’s a state or college football team that your town tends to rally behind, consider catering a window display to those fans. However, think about how many shoppers will appreciate the support compared to those who might feel alienated. You can make potential patrons passing by feel unwelcome if your store looks like it leans too fiercely in one direction or another, but many areas have a clear favorite that people expect to dominate commercial spaces during the season. You can deck the display out with the team colors, jerseys or relevant merchandise you sell. Consider dressing a few male mannequins in football jerseys and arranging them in a huddle.

It isn’t difficult to make football-themed decorations to fill the display window if you aren’t going for a conceptual design. One do-it-yourself craft that would look great on display in your store is tissue paper footballs. You’ll need brown tissue paper, plain white paper, a scissor, tape and twine, according to a tutorial on Pinterest. Fold eight pieces of tissue paper back and forth like accordions and secure the stack with a piece of twine in the center. Cut a strip of football laces out of the white paper and fluff the football up by pulling the sheets of tissue paper apart. Finally, tape the laces to the front of the football and hang them around your retail space.

More intricate designs
Designing your football window displays can be as easy as dressing your mannequins in uniforms and game day swag, or as complicated as building a scale-model football field in the space.

To turn your display window into a football field, you should find a way to represent the turf, the goal posts and the ball to give passersby a clear idea of what they’re looking at. The best way to do this depends on the materials you have on hand and the size of your display fixtures. You can look for props at party stores or online to get you started, like blow-up football equipment or large rolls of paper you can use to create green grass. Once you have a base for the football scene, use white paint or chalk to line the field appropriately.

For an artsy display, get yourself several pairs of football cleats. Use fishing line or twine to suspend the cleats from the ceiling to make it look like an invisible person is kicking a field goal. Start with a pair of shoes touching the ground and arrange several more in an upward curve, assuming the path of a kicker looking to score.

One of the classic scenes from the comic strip “Peanuts” and its subsequent cartoon show “Charlie Brown,” is Charlie’s failed attempt at a football field goal. Lucy lines the ball up for him to kick, yet once he winds up and thrusts his foot forward, she pulls the ball away and he falls over. Because people of all generations are familiar with these characters and the football gag, this is a great theme to use in a football window display. You only need to create simple scenery that implies a field and the characters.  If you know someone who can draw cartoon characters well, find out if they’re willing to help out. Alternatively, you can trace outlines of the figures onto poster boards. This easy two-dimensional display will be eye-catching yet familiar for people walking by the store.