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How to boost your holiday retail sales this New Year’s

How to boost your holiday retail sales this New Year’s


There’s little opportunity to wind down between Christmas and the end of the year, especially in the world of retail. Even after the big day, many shoppers will be visiting the malls with gift cards and items to return. With the right tactics, you can encourage these customers to buy a few extra pieces of merchandise and give your holiday sales figures one final boost before the ball drops in Times Square. Keep reading for a few ways to increase your retail sales this New Year’s:

Have a generous return policy
Holiday shopping isn’t an exact science. Rather than spoil the surprise of a great gift, many shoppers will take a guess at the sizes their friends and family wear. This inevitably results in a few returned items that didn’t fit quite right. In fact, USA Today reported that as much as 15 percent of presents are returned.

Having a painless return policy gives your store several advantages. It keeps your brand’s relationship with customers positive, it encourages trust and shoppers won’t feel hesitant about spending their money. When gift recipients come to return their presents, it’s the perfect opportunity to encourage them to make another purchase from your store. Even if you can’t recoup the total cost, you might be able to tempt a smaller purchase by displaying impulse purchases near the register. For example, you could display some eye-catching jewelry on one of our new rotating earring displays.

Keep up appearances
In the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day, many retail shops look a little worn out. The Christmas decorations seem a little faded and tattered, and the shelves are sparsely populated. If you want to encourage foot traffic in your store, avoid the post-holiday haphazard look. Put a little pep in your retail displays and encourage shoppers to come inside with energy and style.

As Real Simple Magazine noted, customers get energized by a good deal. After Christmas, savvy shoppers may be on the lookout for discounts on holiday-themed supplies, winter clothing and more. Break out those sale signs, move your discounted merchandise to the front of the store and tidy up your holiday decorations. While the competition is looking a little drab, your store can excite post-holiday shoppers and keep those sales figures up.