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How to bolster customer loyalty

How to bolster customer loyalty

Retailers put a lot of effort into drawing in new customers and tapping new consumer markets. However, it's equally, if not more, important to make sure you hold onto the shoppers you've already won over and ensure that they come back time and time again. If you're seeing lots of new faces in your shop, but few that are familiar, here are some tips on how to increase your customer loyalty.

Keep it fresh
The number one way to keep customers coming back is by regularly updating your floor. If you keep the same old items in your display cases and store window, why would customers return to see something they've seen before?

Switching out your items can solve this issue, provided you make sure your customers know about the changes you're making. Use your online website and social media networks to showcase the new wares you have up for grabs. For instance, if you have purchased new mannequins for sale and dressed them up in this season's hot new items, snap a pic and upload it to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Reward frequent shoppers
Customers who know they're appreciated are far more likely to return to your shop, so giving out rewards is a great idea. You may have seen coffee or sandwich shops that use cards to get customers to come back. For instance, customers who buy 10 cups of coffee get the next one free. Even if you don't sell food or drink, you can use this idea to your advantage. If you sell big ticket items, you can give customers a discount after they spend a certain amount of money. Or you can offer a free gift after a certain amount of purchases.

Community involvement
Another way to increase customer loyalty is to make your presence known in the community. Look for groups like sports leagues that may be seeking retail sponsors. You can also reach out to charity groups and offer to donate items or services for events and fundraisers.

Shoppers will also get a kick out of events that you host in your actual store. For instance, you can run competitions that will reward customers who come back to your store frequently. Create a yearlong scavenger hunt, inviting customers to find hidden items tacked up in your store, and reward the winner who finds them all with a special gift.