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How to best display prom dresses and accessories

How to best display prom dresses and accessories

With prom only a few months away, it’s time for retailers to begin planning out how they will display their dazzling dresses and accessories. As you’re arranging your display cases and wall displays in preparation for prom season, keep these tips in mind.

Making your dresses look their best
Prom gowns are likely the highest-priced items for prom retailers, so it’s essential that they be displayed in the best way possible. As you’re sorting through your gowns, select the three or four that you think will look best showcased in your front window. Next, purchase a few mannequins for sale to display these gowns, as brand new figures will make your dresses shine. Keep in mind that you’ll be placing these dresses near or next to each other, so they should be complementary. You can opt to create a singular color theme for your window, or choose a diverse selection of dress styles and colors to show off your variety.

Of course, you won’t be able to display every single dress in your front window, so you should select a few “second tier” dresses that will be displayed prominently in-store. You can place these on mannequins or wall displays so that they’ll stand out to customers. The rest of your dresses can hang on clothing racks or other store fixtures, which will still keep them neat and orderly.

How to display your accessories
It’s not all about the gown when it comes to prom. Both men and women will need classy accessories to complete their look. For young ladies, sparkling necklaces, bracelets and earrings are a must, so be sure you have purchased a few extra jewelry displays. When organizing these items, avoid a jumbled or crowded look – it may take up a bit more space, but spreading out your jewelry items will make for a more appealing display.

In addition to jewelry, there are a few classic prom items that shoppers will be looking for. Corsages and boutonnieres are traditional items for these celebrations, so place your most beautiful flower adornments in elegant display cases. There will likely be a few quirky students who are gearing up for prom, so you may want to stock your gondola shelves with some unique items, like top hats, tiaras, sunglasses or pocket squares.