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How to avoid the summer doldrums at your store

How to avoid the summer doldrums at your store

We're in the early stages of summer, which means many people are getting excited to don their warm-weather clothing and head out for a spot of shopping. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm doesn't last all season. Eventually, long, muggy days instill a bit of laziness on some folks, meaning you'll likely see decreased sales as we get into late July and August. There are certain methods you can employ to beat out these summer doldrums. Here are a few tips:

Well-timed discounts
Part of the reason enthusiasm flags during the dog days of summer is because the number of sales decreases. Many stores offer big blowout sales in June to kick off the season, but by the time July rolls around, such promotions are few and far between. You can take advantage of this by setting your summer sales to roll out later in the season. Making your sales creative will also help boost traffic. For example, you can offer 20 percent discounts on all summer items on certain display tables, but only if the temperature breaks 100 degrees. This way, you'll be guaranteed to bring people in the door on days when they might otherwise stay home and shop online.

Take the time to revamp
Even with the perfectly timed summer sales, the long days of summer mean you'll inevitably have some downtime during your operating hours. Use this time to your advantage by giving your store a bit of a facelift. Switching out your store fixtures for newer models is a good way to start. Get rid of those old racks and hangers and replace your jewelry displays and clothing racks. When your store looks nice and pretty again, post a few pics of the updates on your social media sites, and watch the customers flow in.

Make your store a refuge from the heat
Hot weather is often what keeps people from shopping in the summertime, but you can get your customers excited to visit your store by offering refuge from the heat. Air conditioning is the obvious option, but you can take it a step further by hosting a few ice cream socials in your store. Hand out the ice cream for free, along with a few coupons for items that you are trying to move off your display tables. If ice cream starts to seem old hat, try offering free lemonade or iced tea on hot afternoons.