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How to arrange displays for Father’s Day 2015

How to arrange displays for Father’s Day 2015

Father’s Day is right around the corner and you can almost sense the frustration as people search for gifts for Dad. Let’s be honest – shopping for men can be a bit tricky. It’s difficult to balance sentiment with practicality in a way that’s sure to delight them.

To make Father’s Day shopping easier for your customers, consider arranging store displays with various dad-related themes. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Outdoorsy type
Dads who enjoy spending time outside and working with their hands would enjoy several types of gifts.

The grill and chill route is one you can take. Customers might be looking for portable grills, grill lights, grill tools or fancy meat thermometers for the men in their life. These items are relevant for dads who love to camp as well. Consider displaying flashlights, portable electronic chargers and multi tools in the “outdoor dad” section to ensure shoppers find the perfect gift.

Signage will draw attention to your Father’s Day sales.

Sports fan
For some people, many memories of Dad involve him rooting for his favorite team in front of the TV. Cater to sports fans this Father’s Day with athletic-related store displays.

On one hand, you can display professional sports memorabilia. Attire, posters, branded glasses and more with Dad’s favorite logo can really brighten his Father’s Day. Alternatively, showcase sports equipment and accessories. From golf clubs and soccer balls to sailing gloves and sweatbands, there are plenty of options for people on the hunt for Father’s Day gift.

Food and wine connoisseur 
Whether Dad prefers food or drink, there are many men whose hobbies include collecting alcohol, brewing beer, cooking interesting meals and trying new recipes.

For men who enjoy alcohol and its culture, set up displays for home-brewing kits, electronic wine bottle openers and wine aerators. You can also showcase fancy glasses and classy coasters with the alcohol supplies.

Craft displays for food-lovers as well. Cookbooks and kitchen gadgets are ideal for this section of the store. Cute oven mitts and aprons could be excellent additions to your cooking-related merchandise.

“Display your most impressive tech devices.”

Technological dad
From mini-video cameras and GPS devices to tablets and external hard drives, there was never a better time to find tech presents for Pops. If shoppers check out technology and gadget blogs, they’ll know exactly what their loved one would enjoy on his special day. Display your newest and most impressive tech devices in the upcoming weeks to prepare for the June holiday.

Movie buff
Dads who love a good flick or miniseries can be easy to shop for. If you sell electronics and DVDs, arrange relevant box sets front and center. These could include classic movies and television shows, as well as modern programs. Boxes of an entire series or set of related movies often come in neat cases that will look great on Dad’s shelf as well.

For dads that are all business, all the time, your customers have several gift options. These include some of the more traditional present ideas, such as ties and cuff links. While such gifts for the working dad have been given for generations, who could deny an attractive necktie or stylish pair of cuff links? In addition to ties, you can include tie clips. Consider showcasing fancy pens or office supplies, as well as gadgets that can serve as desk toys. Traveling businessmen might enjoy a travel set of poker, a leather passport holder or a classy portfolio for his meetings abroad.