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How to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts in a retail setting

How to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts in a retail setting


In many states, hunting seasons are about to begin. Retailers who cater to outdoor enthusiasts should be prepared to help hunters gear up for their next adventure.

These tips will inspire you to add some natural flair to your store and attract new shoppers.

Anticipate the seasons

Outdoor enthusiasts have to plan ahead for their outings. Hunters need to assess their current gear, toss out anything that won’t last the season, and make new purchases before they can head into the woods. Check with your state’s department of wildlife to find out when hunting seasons begin, then plan to be ready for each one a few weeks in advance.

Use some of our large sign holders to inform shoppers about new merchandise and great deals.

Bring some nature indoors

Anyone who has gone on a camping or hunting trip knows the excited anticipation that comes before you leave home. Escaping into the wild compares to few other experiences in life. Your store’s aesthetic can serve as a staging ground for the big trip by using elements of nature as part of your design.

For example, our camo slatwall features the Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity® pattern, one of the most realistically natural designs. Use it in conjunction with outdoor materials like dried birch bark and driftwood to create a textured woodsy scene that inspires thoughts of adventure.

Hold contests

If you’re helping hunters gear up for deer season, consider holding a contest to see which of your customers can bag the biggest buck this season. After all, outdoor enthusiasts love a bit of friendly competition. Use your social media pages to hold a photo contest and choose a prize to make the contest interesting.

This is a great way to engage your shoppers when they’re not in your store – a tactic that could boost your sales this season.

Get to know your shoppers

People who are enthusiastic about hunting, fishing or hiking tend to appreciate a slow pace of life. Unlike your metropolitan shoppers who are always rushing from one meeting to the next, outdoor enthusiasts have to be patient. Whether their hobbies include waiting in a duck blind for the perfect angle or early morning hikes to snap the ideal picture of a sunrise, they take life at a different pace.

Take advantage of this and try to get to know your shoppers while they’re perusing your aisles. You may learn something new that will help you improve your store and make it more customer-friendly.

For example, many deer hunters enjoy the hobby because it protects the environment. Unchecked deer populations can wreak havoc on local crops and may make the roads unsafe for drivers. You can show that you care for the environment as well by utilizing eco-friendly store fixtures at your establishment.

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