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How to appeal to Gen Z shoppers

How to appeal to Gen Z shoppers

Gen Z is composed of anyone born after 1996, according to the Pew Research Center. That means the oldest members of the generation are in their early twenties and therefore entering their prime buying years.

Consider these tips for marketing your store to this new generation of shoppers:

Build your brand online

Gen Z shoppers prefer to read reviews from their peers.Gen Z shoppers prefer to read reviews from their peers.

When members of Gen Z were born, the internet was already around, and by the time they were graduating high school, the era of social media was well underway. As digital natives, Gen Z consumers don't just enjoy online experiences, they consider them to be a given part of life. If your brand has a limited online presence, this younger generation may miss it altogether.

According to insights from the Forbes Business Development Council, brands can appeal to Gen Z customers by giving them opportunities to share in a wider conversation online. For example, if your store is promoting eco-friendly products, create a unique hashtag that shoppers can use when they make a green purchase. The easier you make it to share experiences with your brand, the more likely shoppers are to engage with it in online spaces.

Provide opportunities to review products

Like millennials before them, Gen Z consumers research products before they make a purchasing decision. If shoppers cannot find information about a product or service online, they may decide to choose another brand that is more transparent.

As noted by marketing blog MediaKix, Gen Z shoppers want to hear opinions on products from their peers. In other words, having a robust product description is only half the battle. Giving customers the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on recent purchases offers the social proof that Gen Z customers prefer to have before spending their money.

Provide individual experiences

One-size-fits-all shopping experiences are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As the influence of ecommerce continues to rise in the retail space, it brings with it a lot of change. For instance, online shoppers expect to see content that is customized for their preferences. Amazon is a clear example of a company that understands the power of personalization. The Amazon home page that you see likely features different products than the home page shown to your friends.

Leverage your customer data to find ways to provide personalized experiences. This can be simple: If a customer has recently purchased women's clothing, your ecommerce site could show them the latest women's merchandise the next time they visit it. The strategy can also be complex: You could identify add-on items based on previous purchases.

Chatbots are one type of technology that allows for greater personalization. Conversing with a bot, customers can make choices and view shopping options that are customized to their preferences. Plus, chatbots are easy to deploy on your ecommerce site or Facebook page.

Shopper expectations are constantly evolving. To keep up with the latest trends, visit our resource center today.