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How to add the finishing touch to your customers’ purchases

How to add the finishing touch to your customers’ purchases

For store owners looking for a way to add a special touch to your customers’ shopping experience, consider incorporating gift wrapping into the store operations.

Gift wrapping station
If you sell items that people often give as presents, it might behoove you to set aside a section of the store for gift wrapping. Rather than fumbling with the supplies behind the register as people purchase their items, you can have a spacious area to make the presents look beautiful.

To rearrange your store and make room for a gift-wrapping area, you may want to clear off one of your display tables. Where you decide to set the supplies up depends on the size of your store and where the checkout counter is currently located. If you have a small staff, it makes sense to keep the wrapping area close by so it’s easy to switch from the cash register to gift bags. In the same vein, there should be a clear walkway for employees to get behind the table and get the job done in a timely matter.

You can either charge a small fee for gift wrapping to cover the cost of supplies or offer it for free with a purchase. It’s more common for stores to offer the complimentary service during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a year-round treat for your customers.

Wrapping small objects
Sinamay pouches are perfect for wrapping small items, regardless of what you sell in your store. Sinamay is a woven fabric that’s made from abaca tree stalks, which are found in the Philippians, according to Torb and Reiner, a millinery school. It’s strong, firm and easily dyed.

With these tiny bags, any product  can look more festive and presentable. There are a few ways to use them effectively and attractively. You can place items in the bags alone for a simplistic look that doesn’t leave much mystery for the gift receiver. For a more covert wrapping job, cover the objects with a single piece of tissue paper. If your sinamay pouches are solid colored, try using patterned tissue paper inside for a more interesting look. Finally, you can use confetti of some sort to hide whatever is in the pouch. Head to a party store to find a whole array of choices, from holiday-themed shiny confetti to colored and crimped paper strips.