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How the right hanger can help make a sale

How the right hanger can help make a sale

The store displays in your shop are instrumental to driving sales and traffic in your business. These visual calling cards lets people know what you have while helping them imagine what clothing would be like on them. However, the mannequins in your windows aren’t the only store fixtures that can help boost sales. Pairing up the proper article of clothing with just the right hanger can showcase products to the fullest.

These simple store supplies can make all the difference when it comes to helping the customers browsing your inventory. Make sure the right hanger is matched with the appropriate item so they can work together toward impressing the people walking up and down your aisles.

There’s a hanger for everything
No matter what kind of clothing your store focuses on, there’s a hanger to bring out the best qualities of your stock. Hangers are a great way to help push particular items at special events and promotions, giving certain items the best method for reaching shoppers with style.

To show off the dresses from your summer selection, make sure they’re all on dress hangers so people passing by don’t accidentally knock down your products, tarnishing their condition. These hangers are made specifically to hold on to the straps of those lightweight dresses people will be looking for this season.

A lot of children will be released into the world soon for summer vacation, and many are going to need new clothes after the past year’s growth spurt. Baby hangers are a great option for displaying some of the smaller-scale clothing parents will be looking for this summer.

For the fancier outfits where creases are a concern, pant hangers can hold skirts or pants in place so no lines form while in storage. The more elegant outfits need extra care so they are in their prime when the call to action comes. Pant hangers are also great for keeping skirts unwrinkled without the need for folding. The warm weather will beckon this style soon enough and shoppers want their outfits to look their best.

For the heavier clothes, suit hangers provide the support they need without fear of the hanger collapsing under the weight. All kinds of events such as weddings, graduations and elaborate dinners take place around summer, and shoppers will have to dress for the occasion. Keeping your suits on these hangers ensures your products are ready to meet the standards of any upcoming event.

Giving hangers a little extra help
There are a couple other small bulk retail supplies that could enhance the effectiveness of your hangers before they hit the sales floor. Folding boards help retain the structure of clothes, presenting the cleanest and most organized showcase possible for individual items.

Other accessories help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s a certain size or an item that’s part of an ongoing promotion. Size markers make it easy for customers to sift through the inventory to find the option that best fits them, while color markers can help distinguish items that are on sale or discounted. There’s even sticky polyurethane foam that attaches to the arms of hangers, preventing items from slipping during shoppers’ searches.

It’s easy to overlook some of the smaller accents that can help improve the effectiveness of a store’s operations, but the benefits small accessories give can steer sales. Maintain the proper appearance of every facet of your store so there’s nothing to distract shoppers from the inventory you’re selling. When multiple aspects of your building are all working toward the same goal, the entire atmosphere of the store can be cohesive to the customer’s experience as well as the products inside.