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How stores are preparing in the new year

How stores are preparing in the new year

In 2014, the amount of retail space in malls is estimated to more than double in India, and that trend will likely spread to other countries as well, The Economic Times reported. More room means more stores, which provides more opportunities for retailers to show off merchandise in new and creative ways. When preparing for the coming year, companies may want to improve and innovate in their space with some of these tips and ideas:

Create cohesion
This year, try to make store displays and fixtures as seamless as possible with each other and the overall theme of your shop. There are a plethora of ways to complete this, including by selecting a color scheme or drawing from a specific time period as inspiration. One of the quickest methods for creating cohesion in your store, however, is by utilizing fixtures from a collection group.

As the name indicates, the Boutique Display Group is perfect for sophisticated but whimsical spaces. Add a touch of delicate detailing to your shop with items like the wall-mount waterfall hooks, which swoop vertically downward for a unique take on the standard horizontal fixture. Other pieces, such as vintage stands and racks, include the same fanciful loops and curlicues.

The Raw Steel Collection takes a turn for the industrial, featuring fixtures that combine sleek metal attributes with wooden touches. The combination creates an appealing juxtaposition between modern and traditional with pieces such as the wall plaque with hooks and round steel rack, offering a look that is edgy and artistic.

Offering a distinct twist on the modern style, the Hanson Group transforms the industrial feel of the Raw Steel into a more rounded design. Pipe-like pieces such as the hangrail and Hanson square display table create an eye-catching appeal that perfectly meshes functionality with fashion.

Expand your horizons
A new year is a great opportunity to try a fresh look in your shop by diversifying your display fixtures. Take If your store theme relies heavily on a single type of feature, consider options with a different design. For instance, if you’re utilizing a uniform shape and size of display tables, select a few new pieces with distinct character, like gondola shelving or similar wall-mounted options that maximize all surfaces. Alternately, get decorative and pick up some accentuations like decals to dress up existing pieces.