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How stores are gearing up for the holiday season

How stores are gearing up for the holiday season

As the holidays approach, many shoppers begin their seasonal shopping, benefiting retailers with sales that can account to as much as a quarter or more of their annual income. To remain competitive in the marketplace and increase appeal, it’s important to consider these tips for branding your shop’s appearance in addition to distinguishing your product.

Be up-front
Consumers are faced with a barrage of advertisements and options when it comes to finding the perfect present during the holiday season. In order to sell your product, you also have to sell your store, which starts before customers even step foot through your door. To catch the attention of passersby, consider boosting decorating efforts in your storefront and window display features. Beginning outside of the shop, consider accenting your business with string or strand lighting. Depending on the climate in which you are located and the atmosphere of your store, you may want to choose varying options. While tube lighting is highly durable and flexible, natural rose lights or brass-accented strand lighting offers a more personal, fashionable appeal. You can also use your entranceway to advertise specific deals or sales that may attract customers. Consider purchasing an adaptable message board or promotional posters to spell out exactly what patrons can expect to find inside.

Storefront exhibits are another great way for window shoppers to notice what you have for sale. Utilize tables or mannequins, or a combination of the two, to showcase exactly what you have to offer. Depending on the type of product you’re selling, you may prefer realistic store displays, featuring items in scenarios that emphasize their utility, or you could opt for something more artistic or flashy. Accent windows with shimmering details like garlands, or dress up mannequins and jersey forms with patterned covers and quirky decals.

Increase convenience
Your patrons have enough on their mind this holiday season, so make their experience in your store as simple and stress-free as possible. All items should be priced clearly and appropriately, taking care to specifically mark any discounts or sales. To prevent congestion near check-out registers, set up crowd control and queue barriers indicating where customers should stand. Utilizing signs is a quick and simple way to direct guests to popular spots. Consider adding posters that mark areas like fitting rooms, bathrooms or special discounted items. For your customers’ convenience as well as your own, it might be helpful to rearrange your shop so that products on sale are in a unified location.

Extra traffic in your store will most likely mean additional wear and tear on your store fixtures and furnishings. Invest in supplies that can help you keep up with dirt and scuff marks on flooring and walls, such as steam cleaners, stain remover, dusting supplies and an industrial vacuum. Fitting rooms should similarly be outfitted with appropriate items like lint rollers and, at clothing retailers, disposable protectors and makeup masks. If you’re anticipating inclement weather, additional carpeting or mats at the entrance can protect your own flooring from dampness or staining.

Secure the shopping experience
As the number of patrons in your store increases, it may be advisable to boost security in your shop. If you don’t already have them in place, items such as reflective mirrors and cameras can help you maintain thorough surveillance of your store. Stay alert about customer comings and goings with a door chime and fix high-cost items with protector chains. For a more expansive option, you may consider purchasing clear display cases or enclosed standing shelves, both of which provide security while still allowing customers to appreciate your products.