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How stores are gearing up for Super Bowl XLVIII

How stores are gearing up for Super Bowl XLVIII

Sunday, Feb. 2, Super Bowl XLVIII (that’s 48, if you’re not up on Roman numerals) will present a final showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos to determine which team will be crowned this year’s football champion. The event also presents the perfect opportunity for shops to showcase their latest and greatest home supplies – items that will improve any Super Bowl party, even if it won’t help your favorite team win.

To get in game mode, shop owners may want to decorate their space accordingly. In the spirit of the event, consider implementing banners and pendants to announce game-day sales and discounts. This is no time to be mild with your advertisements – sports are all about making a statement and showing off what you’ve got. Pull out all the stops and add in some extra accents – such as lighting or garlands – that will really make your merchandise shine.

While it might be divisive and hurt sales to show your loyalties in most states, there are certain regions of the U.S. where picking sides will definitely be in your best interest. In either Washington or Colorado, obviously, shop owners know what colors to use in their store displays. Retailers in Compton, Calif., – home of Seahawks’ cornerback, Richard Sherman – may also want to deck out their spaces in light blue, navy and lime green. Likewise, New Orleans shops might opt for orange and navy in honor of their contribution to the Broncos, Peyton Manning.

As Super Bowl sales can lead to quite a crowd, be sure to stock up on items and take precautions that will help optimize traffic at your shop. You might want to implement a queue barrier to help maintain order at checkout and organize store fixtures so that there’s plenty of space in the main floor for walking.