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How store displays can help customers make last-minute purchases

How store displays can help customers make last-minute purchases

You know that moment when you are waiting to check out at the cash register, and while you wait for that woman in front of you to count out her exact change, something at the counter catches your eye. Before you have a chance to deliberate, the item – whether it's a pack of gum, a keychain or a pair of earrings – is added to your shopping cart.

These last-minute purchases are only made more irresistible with attractive store racks and other display items. Organization is key for this area, as you may be strapped for space and don't want your check-out counter to feel crowded. Even though the items displayed on the counter may be less expensive and smaller than your other merchandise, the fixtures used to hold them should still be in line with the style of the rest of the store.

Consider an attractive revolving counter display with multiple hooks to hang keychains, bracelets or other items. The revolving nature of an item like this allows you to display a number of items in a small amount of space. Make sure your counter displays are attractive and organized so the customer can quickly grab an item before they check out.