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How retailers can improve offline marketing [Video]

Hi! Welcome back to Firefly Store Solutions! 

Today we’re going to talk about some key ways boutique retailers can improve their offline marketing. 

In a world dominated by technology, it’s easy to ignore other forms of advertising. But when you use traditional media alongside your internet campaigns you should see much better results.

Think of offline marketing as an outward approach that begins with your storefront. A vibrant, active window display will attract the attention of passersby and your signage will alert them to any sales or promotions.

If you already have an online marketing campaign either through paid advertising or social media, use the same design and language in your print material. Consistency is important for developing a brand voice.

Above all, remember to stay creative. If you feel like your print ads aren’t working, try chalking the sidewalk or making some stickers. Your creativity will energize the campaign.

Good luck and happy marketing!