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How placement of products can affect sales

How placement of products can affect sales

In the retail world, location is vital. This ranges from your inventory to your store displays. The position of your products can not only have an effect on the aesthetics of your shop, but its sales also. When you situate everything inside your business for the benefit of your customers, their shopping experience can be enhanced and made easier. Placing items that complement one another together is a great way to bundle your stock and deliver the whole package to the customer. When designing the layout of your store, it’s important to remember to ask yourself if the setup is working to promote an ideal shopping environment.

Signs of where you are
To aid your shoppers in their search for what they want, you need to make sure everything is easily accessible and recognizable. A blog post on Fast Signs emphasized the significance of creating noticeable waypoints throughout your store. This can be done a number of ways, but the effects are all the same. When you add distinct markers, customers can move around your shop with greater ease, allowing them to find everything they’re looking for – and even products they didn’t know they wanted. This presents you with the opportunity to cluster accessories with in-demand items in a way that could accentuate outfits or styles.

Display tables and mannequins offer striking images that prominently show shoppers what section they are heading into. These beacons give customers solace in knowing that when they want to return to a particular area, all they have to do is make a couple of quick glances around the store and they’ll know where they are, as well as where they want to go. When you encourage easy exploration around your business, people will be more inclined to look around a larger area of your establishment at a slower pace.

Show your shoppers where to go
Signs are a great way to lead shoppers to where they’re looking to go. Message boards and promotional posters are an easy way to label the shifting landscape of your store when sales change the layout of your displays. Customers looking for your biggest deals need only follow the path laid out for them, which you can fill with all the products you’re looking to move. By placing items together at the finish line of these journeys, you can increase your sales by adding pieces that shoppers may have otherwise forgotten.

Location alone can stimulate growth in untapped sectors of your store. If there are products that seem to remain stagnant on your shelves or forgotten in corners of your shop, move them around the items that see the most traffic. Use the seasonal trends to combine your smaller items with the clothes they’ll see the most action with. Just like when you move your hot selection to the front of your store for all to see, the same effect can be harnessed in other areas.