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How non-apparel retailers can get in on fall themes

How non-apparel retailers can get in on fall themes

Fall is finally here, and apparel stores all over the nation are dressing their adult and child mannequins in sweaters, denim, jackets and other cold-weather items. However, other types of retailers may find it more difficult to incorporate the essence of autumn into their store displays. Fear not, electronics merchants and home goods sellers – you too can get in on the fall themes.

Making it work
Just because you don’t sell items that are fall-specific doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of utilizing autumnal motifs in your store displays. You can simply find ways to interweave autumn feelings amongst your products. Consider purchasing a few wooden display tables that have a rustic theme. Next, stock a few barrels with apples or a cornucopia filled with gourds and place them around your wares. This will hammer home the idea that fall has come to your store, even if you don’t change out your products for the season.

However, there may be some products you carry that can be displayed in such a way that will remind shoppers of their importance during fall, even if they can be used year round. Home goods stores, for example, can push their plates by creating a Thanksgiving scene in the front window, complete with place settings and fake food. Furniture stores can showcase their coziest couches and recliners by using store signs to say, “Relax this fall on a warm and comfy sofa!”

Taking it easy
If you think the fall store fixtures are a bit too forward, then consider taking a more subtle approach. By simply incorporating store fixtures that feature autumn’s hues, you’ll remind shoppers of the season without being too “in your face.” Simply adding splashes of warm colors like red, orange and brown will help bring fall alive in your shop. You can use tissue paper or wholesale ribbon to add decoration, or order new fixtures that are reminiscent of fall.

Autumnal sales
Thematic sales are a surefire way to bring a smile to your customers’ faces this season. Offering “fall discounts” on some of your most popular items will drive in foot traffic, and placing a time limit on the sale will likely draw in customers who know that time is of the essence.