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How new hangers can add appeal

How new hangers can add appeal

While your store displays are vital for getting shoppers in through the doors, they’re not the most important piece to your business. All aspects of your shop contribute in some way to your success, but when dealing with apparel, store racks make up a big part of that. The bulk of your inventory will be stored on these racks throughout your store and in various sections. It’s important to remember these fixtures and give them the proper attention they require because customers won’t sifting through mannequins for sale items, they’ll be going through your store racks.

Like a new coat of paint
Something almost every piece of clothing that you’re selling needs is a hanger to put it on. This simple tool can be used for more than keeping your fabrics clean and crease free, as you can incorporate them into the overall design and theme of your shop. Different colors can be used to enhance certain displays and a variety of styles can even let you keep whole suits together. You can use hangers to put together your own outfit combinations that you could offer for a bundled discount price.

With spring fast approaching and the weather warming up outside, you could add some wooden hangers to your selection to bring in a feeling of nature that spreads out to your individual products. These eco-friendly hangers are made from either bamboo or sugarcane and further add to the quality of your store.

A home for your stock
A majority of your selection will be kept on racks, so you need to make sure they remain clean and organized. No shopper will want to deal with looking through a mess of clothes when there is no clear way to find what they’re looking for. Even if someone was just browsing, if your inventory isn’t separated by sizes, the act will prove to be more of a chore than anything else. You want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to just walk in and start peeking around comfortably.

Use size dividers to give customers a clear idea of the layout of your store racks so they can spend less time scouring the store for something that will fit them. As an extra precaution, you can use mini-size markers on the hangers themselves just in case something accidentally gets mixed up and placed in the wrong section. Small colored markers are a good way to differentiate products for sales and promotions you have going on so you don’t have to move everything onto its own rack.

Hangers can be used to improve the general appearance of your store and offer a unique outlet to reach out to your customers. You can use them to amplify a special deal going on or even as a venue to express some of your matchmaking creativity. Don’t focus entirely on what brings shoppers in to your business, but also on what will keep them there in the end: your selection.