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How men can rock the layered look

How men can rock the layered look

During the summer, you can only remove so many layers before you start broaching public indecency. However, cold weather permits you to bundle up as much as necessary to stay warm and comfortable. Luckily, the layered look continues to be one of the most stylish trends for men and women alike. The beauty of wearing layers is you can compile a variety of outfits from the clothes you already own and customize your look. Additionally, having several layers allows you to adjust your body temperature as you move between indoor and outdoor environments.

When styling mannequins and stocking display fixtures this month, follow these guidelines to create the perfect layered looks for men.

The best way to create a layered outfit is to stack the layers by thickness and warmth, which will allow you to remove them easily as you see fit. Your bottom layer should be the most lightweight to wick moisture from your body. This can be a white undershirt or a solid cotton shirt. When it’s a little chillier, a long-sleeved henley would work perfectly.

Your middle layers should provide warmth yet ventilation. A few enticing choices include a cardigan, a collared shirt or a zippy hooded sweatshirt. Collared shirts are excellent for layering because you can leave collar showing underneath a sweater for an extra pop of color.

The layered look is simply dashing.

If you’re heading to a formal affair, it’s best that your hemlines get longer as the layers move out from your body. For casual outfits, it’s fine to let the tails of your shirt or the middle layer hemline droop below your top layer. Top layers are meant to protect you from the elements and cold. However, you can make this a fourth layer and add something like a sport jacket, blazer or denim jacket on top of your cardigan. Puffy vests are also very fashionable these days for an additional layer. When the weather warms up a bit, men can even rock a thick cardigan as the outer layer.

Ultimately, the most important factor is that you’re comfortable and can move your arms freely despite wearing multiple layers of clothes.

“When you choose one or two bright hues, pair them with subtle and neutral tones to form a balanced outfit.”

Color and pattern
Since you’re working with a plethora of different clothes, it’s easy to create an overwhelming outfit that combines too many bright colors or patterns. It’s best to limit the vibrancy to two shades and stick with one pattern, depending on how bold it is. When you choose one or two bright hues, pair them with subtle and neutral tones to form a balanced outfit.

Overall, there should be a main color or pattern that defines the outfit. Once you establish that piece, you can build a complete outfit around it, ensuring each layer blends well. Additionally, the layers should be cohesive regardless of how many you remove. The thinnest shirt should be able to stand alone, plus look nice with just the second layer. Each piece of clothing you add is supposed to tie the previous layers together.

Although they don’t cover as much of your body as a sweater or jacket, accessories can make a layered look appear ever trendier. Display appropriate accessories on the 2-Way Gray Rack near your layered outfits. The perfect addition to an outfit during the winter is a beanie, and a scarf works well also. Similarly, watches, belts and ties are bona fide layers that you can use to finish off the stylish look. If you’re going with a blazer as a top layer, throw a festive pocket square in there that ties the whole outfit together.