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How mannequins move sales

How mannequins move sales

As an apparel retailer, you likely have mannequins on your store floor. You may think of these figures as simple accoutrements to accent your other store fixtures, the truth is that mannequins can help bring in revenue and move product off your clothing racks. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to use your mannequins to their fullest extent:

A shopper’s reflection
Mirrors are important in dressing rooms, but mannequins can also provide a reflection for your customers as they’re browsing your wall displays and hangers. Ideally, you want your shoppers to look at your mannequins and be able to picture themselves in the same getup. This is why it’s essential that your figures closely match the type of shoppers you expect in your store. Retailers who market toward adult women will want mannequins that are based on the female form, while children’s clothing retailers will do best with child mannequins. Beyond that, you want the mannequins in your store to reflect the style and “feel” of your shoppers. If your customer-base loves classy, vintage clothing, then forms – like those used by tailors – may be better than classic, full-figured mannequins. Customers who embrace a minimalist style may prefer mannequins that are simply torsos – no heads, no hands, no legs.

Eye-catching essentials
You may have mannequins beside every display table and clothing rack, but they won’t do any good if they aren’t eye-catching. Dress your mannequins in the most vibrant, outrageous and trendy fashions you carry – even if most of your customers will only want one or two pieces from the ensemble, you’ll still get their attention. There are other creative ways to make your figures more exciting. For example, mannequin decals allow you to spruce up your ordinary white figures with facial expressions or patterns, which will definitely make an impression on shoppers.

Renewing and cleaning
If your mannequins are falling apart or look out-dated, then they could be a hindrance to sales. It’s best to replace your figures with updated mannequins for sale every so often, and be sure to get rid of any that are showing too much wear and tear. In a similar vein, you must be switching out the clothing your mannequins are wearing on a regular basis. You can use this to your advantage by posting pictures of your newly dressed figures on your social media pages.