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How gift packaging ties into customer experience

How gift packaging ties into customer experience

Gift wrapping materials are often highlighted around the holidays then tucked neatly back on the shelf. While December is certainly the time for festive packaging to shine, the other 11 months hold birthdays, anniversaries and miscellaneous celebrations that call for gifts.

Help your customers to find exciting and attractive wrapping options rather than making the present’s presentation a second thought. Consider freshening your springtime store displays with some of your most eye-catching shopping bags, wrapping paper and small boxes.

Dress up displays with wrapped boxes.

The power of packaging
Brick-and-mortar shops remain relevant, despite the prevalence of ecommerce retailers, because of customer experience. The way shoppers feel when they interact with your employees, products and physical store can either add or subtract value to their choice of supplier. If taking time to visit a business isn’t any different from ordering merchandise online, why should patrons stop in?

Offering gift wrapping in styles that eclipse the same old boxes and bags shows your brand’s personality, as well as your dedication to delivering a unique customer experience. Online retailers have realized what interesting packaging can add to a purchase. Shopify discussed how companies that sell themed boxes of products, such as Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club, have made the way merchandise is wrapped a form of brand recognition.

With this in mind, you should showcase your most attractive gift packaging options around the store. Add wrapped boxes to your displays that match color themes to remind shoppers that they aren’t browsing in your average shop.

“Discuss colors that look nice together.”

Tips for pristine presentation
Now that you have a fabulous gift wrapping display, it’s important your employees know how to promote the products. Discuss colors and patterns that look nice together, as well as some examples of unfortunate pairings so staff feel confident suggesting items to customers.

If your store offers gift wrapping, free or for a small fee, make sure all of your employees can neatly wrap boxes. It may sound silly, but some people don’t have the patience or finesse. People who work the gift wrap station should also know when it’s more appropriate to use a bag than a box, how to tie ribbon in an exemplary bow and where to place tape for the best results.