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How form covers can take old mannequins to the next level

How form covers can take old mannequins to the next level

If you’re thinking your store could use a change this spring, but don’t want to do anything too big, add some spice to your business with slight alterations to decorations and store fixtures that reflect the seasonal change or upcoming promotions soon sweeping over your shop. It’s important to show customers that you’re capable of changing with the times by keeping in sync with the seasons of the year and holidays. It shows you put effort into your themes and that you care about you store. There are ways to do this without having to break the bank or initiate an extensive remodel.

A new skin for your mannequins
A great way to bring a little of the rebirth in from outside is to cover your older mannequins or jersey forms in new form covers with patterns of flowers or leaves. Your models will bloom like the plants outside with splashes of color and the new outfits for spring. Incorporate some potted plants and flowers around the stands and bases of your mannequins to bring together an all-encompassing show of nature.

Keep shoppers and passersby on their toes everyday by maybe alternating the covers of your puppets and cycling new ones into the mix every now and then. Every day is different and if you show that in your shop. People will be more interested in visiting to see the changes to your store displays, which could build into an eager excitement you can harness with spontaneous sales and promotions.

Even if your jersey forms are just looking a little worn down, you can put on a form cover of many different designs and colors to give it a new look and a life extension.

Utilize the old
Some of your mannequins and models may have been with you for a very long time – maybe even as far back as to the opening of your store. Everything wears down with age, but that doesn’t make it useless. Form covers are a great solution to breath some new life into your models while also giving you multiple options you can seize upon during various seasons and events. You don’t have to be weary of putting items from your prime collection on these faithful fixtures because they’ll look brand new.

If you want to take these displays even further, you can wrap strings of garland around their bodies and limbs with butterflies or dragonflies to hint at the return of life outdoors in the warmer times. When the temperatures dip again and the nights grow longer, use LED string lights to give off a subtle, inviting glow.

The possibility of integrating your older mannequins and form covers into full-on pieces of your store’s theme presents itself if you wish to keep clothing off of it. When you think of them like set pieces to be molded, you can cast off restricting reservations and let your imagination loose. They can become more than just models, becoming an integral piece of your shop’s look with the customizability to set your store apart from all your competitors.