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How employees can help keep displays neat and organized

How employees can help keep displays neat and organized

You’re not alone in handling the daily challenges at your store. Your employees are there to help out and do their jobs, even when sometimes that means they have to get their hands a little dirty. As time passes by, things will accumulate a layer of grime. Not just your floors and your windows, but your store displays too. Your displays are an important part of your shop’s overall appeal, as they expose customers to specific products. It’s important for your employees to know their role in maintaining your store’s image, and this means making sure they are equipped with the tools to get it done.

Knowing is half the battle
A great way to let all of your staff know everything they’ll need in the coming weeks is to host a meeting every now and then. Requiring all of your workers to show up will ensure that everyone is on the same page. Then, you can go over upcoming events, particular inventory, new tactics and anything else you need to be prepared for. It’s also an opportunity for you to highlight all of the successes your store and employees have seen, according to a blog post on

If it’s easier for your business, assign employees certain areas of the building to be responsible for cleaning. If they each have a particular day they’re supposed to cleanse, it will be much easier for them and you to keep track of how your store is supposed to look.

The tools and practices
If your shop isn’t stocked with cleaning supplies already, then it’s time to go shopping. Employees can’t do their jobs if they aren’t provided with the necessary means. Your display tables should constantly be wiped down so no layers of dust can form. No one will want to buy anything on a display that has people’s names written on them in the dust of your negligence. Employees should always start from top to bottom to prevent having to redo areas because of falling debris from mannequins or store fixtures.

Not only should your workers be making sure everything is clean, but that your store is orderly too. Cleaning is a perfect chance to make sure everything is in the right spot and organized. Employees can touch up your displays and themes to bring them back to the way they were on day one.

It’s up to you to give your staff the tools and knowledge needed to keep your business at the top of its game. Hold a meeting every now and then to go over goals and duties and keep your supply rooms stocked. This will help keep your building ready for the rush of traffic that comes with spring and summer.